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This is a certified organic and pesticide-free local produce zone. Treat your farmers and the environment when you treat yourself today.


About Us

Why organic?

Nourish Organic Café and Grocer is located at 153 Albany Highway Mount Melville (see map and get directions below)

At Nourish Organic we care about people and the environment. We are passionate about certified organic produce and products because they are grown and made without nasty chemicals. Why? Because conventional chemical farming practices have negative impacts on life -
the life in soil, the farmers and the consumers. Certified organic farmers and processors are audited to maintain strict standards. That's your guarantee of a well grown or made product. Look for it on your shelves wherever you shop. If you are frustrated by limited options then come and see us.

Online store coming soon

We are very excited to announce that an online store is currently being developed. Initially this will only be for in-store pickup only, but who knows where this will lead. :-)

5th January 2020


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153 Albany Hwy
Mount Melville, 6330

(08) 98412665

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