BarleyCup has been around in the UK for over 20 years, where customers have learnt to love it and make it part of their everyday lives. It is a natural alternative to coffee, without caffeine, made from grains.

Why Drink It? – simple – because it tastes great! But if you need a reason, it is suitable for people looking to drop caffeine in their diet for example, pregnant or breastfeeding mums, adults, a coffee like drink before bed. In some countries it is offered to children as a ‘starter’ drink instead of coffee.

How to Drink It? – It is like instant coffee, simply add hot water and stir. You can also add milk or sugar. 

What Makes This Product Organic

This product is certified organic by Eco-Cert the EU organic certification body. All ingredients used are organic.


Roasted Barley (47%), Rye, Chicory

Barley cup 100g